Programmer. Professor. Philosopher.

Applying pedagogy and critical thinking in software development.

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Who Is Philip? What Can He Do?

Philip is an innovative and multitalented professional who combines expertise in the humanities with experience as an educator in order to create intuitive software.

30 years of coding

Philip picked up programming as a teenager and continued as a hobbyist throughout his adult life. Now he's channeling his diverse expertise through his coding skills in order to create useful tools.

13 years of teaching

Philip has more than a decade of experience as a college professor. He's equipped young adults with skills in critical thinking, logic, ethics, and philosophy. His students often return after graduation to thank him for his enthusiasm and effectiveness.

Analytic philosophy and ethics

Philip's graduate studies in analytic philosophy emphasized critical thinking, conceptual clarity, and openness to critique, while his research in ethics explored the practical application of these skills.

13 years of nonprofit leadership

In his work with various 501c(3) nonprofit organizations, Philip has equipped student leaders to mentor others, organized volunteer staff, and restructured training programs in order to further the missions of these nonprofits.

Fine arts

Programming might not give him much opportunity to sing opera, but Philip's study of music and art have refined his design sensibilities and given him an eye — and ear! — for presentation.

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Current Projects — Always Creating!

Various screens for software development
Arithmetic Drill icon

Arithmetic Drill

  • Intuitive and customizable mathematics practice app
  • Technologies: Swift (iOS)
  • Status: Available now on Apple's App Store
Twizzum icon


  • Original strategy game of shifting alliances
  • Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Status: In development
XAttend icon


  • Cross-platform attendance management tool
  • Technologies: C# (Xamarin), Java (Android), Swift (iOS), PHP, MySQL
  • Status: In development
PseudoTransparency icon


  • Simple interface for retrieving color codes for simulated transparency
  • Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Status: In development

Here are the most recent updates

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2018-07-04 goes live
Philip Antin headshot

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Apple App Store

Arithmetic Drill

Version 1.2
Now available from the App Store!
Apple App Store

Arithmetic Drill

Version 1.1
Now available from the App Store!

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